Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unveiling the beast and Object theory

An early start was balanced with a cafe breakfast in Balmain. I removed the Larria mould from the kiln and stuck it in the mould room while I waited for it to cool down (a few hours). Deb and Jon were in the hot shop when a box of delights was opened in the courtyard. A box full of discount priced frits and powders in delightful colours. Poor Deb you could see her toes twitching in anticipation to have a look.

I finished off the MCA work sheet and I have started knitting some copper wire in preparation for our sand casting project.

At about 12 Nadine and I decided that the beast was ready (or not) to be unveiled. Several cuts (shared), the employing of many different tools and furious work later we revealed the glass within. Not as bad as we had feared. My camera is playing up at the moment so no photo's, sorry...until I work out how to get them off my phone.

After Object theory Nadine and I had a disscussion with Marcus about how to go about cold working all the leaks off. Deb is checking out our lighting options, I like having an interior decorater on the team.

So the idea from tomorrow morning is: it will soak in water and vinegar and have a scrub. Nadine is off to spend unwisely at the house of jewellery and get a suitable diamond bit (saucer shaped) to go on the engraver to slice off the bits of glass we don't want. Marcus suggested leaving the 'pourer' on to act as a base while Nadine works on the top. Smartly he also mentioned putting some sponge in the middle to give a soft landing to the bits falling off. and to work in sections...not leaving it all hanging on one last thread.

Meanwhile Dougie is having a very strange day at work...

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