Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Glass in Fairy tales

Here is a thought, that was meant to be part of my talk on Sunday at the Fairytale conference. But in my nervousness I forgot it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Second day of Winter

Lots of frost, that stayed around for most of the morning and a leaf popsicle!

We don't have particularly serious Winters here in Australia, but Canberra does get chilly. About -5or6 for frosty mornings and days of 8-13. I find the cold is more of a novelty for a few months before Spring and the heat of Summer come back.

Graphics with Canva

Recently I have been having fun with Canva, a free graphics app online. It's very easy to use, has lots of free stuff and has a bunch of templates with the right proportions for various social media banners and pics.

I have been thinking about how to use the images I have in new ways on place like Pinterest, facebook, Instagram and twitter without boring people to death. So with Canva I have been making graphics with quotes from fairy tales. I have done a few with #creepyquotes and now i'm starting an #onfairytales set. I'm enjoying looking for the text, matching it with the images and playing around with fonts and colourways.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Birthday DRAGONCLAW!

Kate Forsyth's first published book Dragonclaw was published 18 years ago today. To celebrate the series has had new covers designed.. and Kate is running a competition to win a new set. I have designed a few graphics on Canva to add to my social 'love' of this series.