Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Concepts, Body as site, Week 8

The body and space.

Sean O'Connell our tutor..(do check out his Jewellery and sculpture) showed us clips and film of Rebecca Horn, Stelarc, Oskar Schlemmer.

This was to warm us up for our own exploration "Lines on the body".
Examine the notion of personal space, bring an abstract idea into reality. the reality part was 3 other class members, foil, wooden skewers, string, sellotape and other bits and pieces.

HOMEWORK..Sorry Assessment task:
Your bedroom and body
Understand the relationship between your body and your room

As a person who at the moment sleeps in 4-5 different places this is interesting.
My first thought is to do something with the doorways and entry as each is different.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Artist of the day

Ben Sewell

Bronze disc

Experimental Drawing, Week 8

Drawing from the body Week 8: the application of physical constraints. Bringing an awareness of the body senses, perception and physiology to the drawing process.

With Charcoal, pencil and graphite we connected, expressed and represented our breathing (mainly out) onto paper. A meditative class.

Artists to explore
Matthew Barney
Robin Rhode
Monika Grzymala
Cameron Robbins
Monika Weiss
John Court
Jeremy Wood I thought this was fun
Jordan McKenzie

Artist of the day

Hilary Crawford

Link to Chappell Gallery

Green Mamba (blown glass murrine form, coldworked
8 1/4" x 8 1/2" x 9 3/4" )

desire is the word when I see her work...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A trip to the blue mittens

I just love the colour combination that Autumn delivers. That wind scrubbed blue sky and the selection of reds, oranges, yellows and purples spattered, torn and flying across it. It gets me every year.

So before all the autumn colour becomes mulch a trip to the Blue Mountains is in order.

Brunch at "il postino's" at Wentworth falls.

The wind really had it's teeth out: very pretty (for the choreography of leaves and tousling of hair) and invigorating but by the end of the day fingers and noses definitely needed the mug of tea (even though it was delivered in separate parts; hot water, tea bag, milk) and fruit pie on the way back via Bilpin.
Dougie rugged up so much once we got out of the van at Tomah that his eyes and eyebrows were the only clue that there actually was a person animating the pile of polar fleece and knit admiring the Proteas at Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens.

Artist of the day

Holly Grace

Friday, April 24, 2009

Artist of the day

Hidden Autumn by Lizzie Thomas.

Lizzie Thomas at

UK based paper it.

Student evaluation, week 7 - glass

Andrew provided us with an informal evaluation on our progress so far. Fine so far.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Artist of the day

Liz Hammon makes "jewellery and small sculptures using mostly recycled books,maps and other paper. She sometimes like to produce wire crochet pieces."

You can see her work on flickr
at Crafthaus

Find more photos like this on crafthaus

and at the moving clay website

I am so predictable

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Canberra Glass works, week 7

During our assessment week, we were not required to attend uni on Wednesday.

6 of our glass class decided to take a day trip to Canberra, mainly to watch glass artists make glass at the Canberra glass works.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Library research, week 7

An online course designed to teach us how to use the library efficiently and discernment in information sources.

I did learn something. Nay, I do not sneer at the library. I am a qualified library technician, so a lot of what we were being shown I was more than familiar with, however there is always something out there that you don't know... and it's always fun to see the light bulb moment in other people when they realise that the library is indeed a useful tool.

Artist of the day

Selection of recent work by Anne Gant made by burning paper with hot glass.

Concepts, Materiality and process, Week 7

So the inside out project developed from my brainstorming as:

take the idea of bringing out what is usually on the inside to the out side. Expose it or display it.
What do we have on the inside apart from flesh and bones? thoughts & memories among some.

How do we access others thoughts and memories....writing, talking, photographs, drawing...

Take some bio/ autobiographies (admitedly one fiction book for padding)glue them together cover to cover to create a circle, spines on the inside.
Biographies are one way for our thougts to escape the 'insideness' of our heads.

From the books i have sliced out quotes that stand out delicately on coloured wire.
Images that represent some of the main feelings expressed within the books are also wired to the pages. So to with some photographs contained within the books.

Said object did suffer slightly being flip flopped to the floor on my entry to the assessment room via a slop of clay..I kept some sort of balance whilst throwing everything I held upwards...i'll try and keep better composure next time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Life Drawing, Week 7

Take 5 drawings from in class and 2 from self directed work that are your best but display your progress through classes.

Done, i'll miss that drawing class. But I can see how I need to keep practicing to get my skill back from a few years ago

Hot shop, week 7

Andrew demonstrated the tumbler again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Concepts, Materiality and process, Inside out project - easter break

hmmm last project title is inside out start thinking..

Inside out?
first thought is about turning your shirt or jacket inside out to deflect the gaze and amoral trickstery of faery.
shows the marks of the maker on the inside, like seaming and stitches, thumb-prints and drawing lines.
what is usually protected being exposed.
wrong way around
not it's / her / his usual side
showing emotions deeper feelings
same but different...
clothes inside a hurry, forgetfulness, absentminded, careless
confusion, mixed up
ransacked turned inside out someone has gone through all your stuff..violation
back to front
postmodern architecture..pompidou centre... lloyds building in london.
Richard Rodgers' architecture especially the two example mentioned above have all pipes, lifts, wires etc on the outside (usually contained within a building)to give a clean unencumbered space on the inside
cut open something turn it back on itself and lay bare in pictures and small objects the thoughts and memories from the inside
old books ?

Inside out tin box by jamie newton

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5326874243245609042" />

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hot shop, Week 6

A great leap forward..on to Tumblers. A process that will require a partner to make a punty. Andrew sketched (i can't bring my self to type drew..andrew drew) the stages on the floor of the work shop...if we have anything much more complicated we may run out of floor space...though i imagine stages will condense as we get to know them.

Somehwere in the world there is probably a unit measure for the amount of liquid that will fit into my smallish cup shaped thing..well it was when it went in the kiln..haven't seen it yet.

Art Theory, Australian Art, Week 6

Locality and place where discussed. A group originating from(is there a collective noun for artists?)western sydney called the 'wild boys' were the topic of the article and most of the tutorial.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Object theory, Week 6, Powerhouse Museum

To the Power House museum for one of their permanent exhibitions
"Inspired! Design across time"
Over 800 objects from the Museum's collection of Australian and international decorative arts and design, from the 1700s to now."

The intent of this trip was to assist us (by the way of examples) in choosing an object for our past present project.

The glass student in the group became captivated by the footage of glass artists.
The clip on Dale Chihuly was well viewed.

Life Drawing, Week 6

Last life drawing class, with a slightly forward male model.

Craft unbound blog

Check this out! Craft unbound

Concepts - Materiality and Process, Week 6

My Material is rusty bolts and nuts. The two are now through age, time and oxidisation fused together. see scan

I'm pinning my whole bunch of concepts on the theme of metamorphosis.
The transformation from shiny man made precision useful tool to a more organic form.
the fusion of two parts to make one. The triumph of nature over the man made object..eventually.

After learning a few tricks on photoshop:

the bolts copied and rearranged to create a horse like sculpture. reminiscent i think of ancient representations. Amazing now how the bolts suggest such animation in their new curvy organic shapes. I immediately think of horses legs when i see them, so here goes for horse made out of bolts...

Horse has bolted

A mock up showing massive reproductions in a sculpture park, the back drop is the Dooralong Valley.

A line drawing print for fabric for a chair...hmm what kind of chair..well I guess it would have to be a Hob nob.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Studio time

A chilly but beautiful morning especially with a nice hot furnace to toast next to.
Thursday mornings is our unsupervised though not unwatched (one can feel like a young seal learning how to catch fish) time in the hot shop. We can practice and experiment.
Deb announced that she wanted to try making the glass leaves that we saw being made in Canberra at the Glass works.

It is to Eliot's credit that he manged not to laugh incredulously and keep a more or less straight faced when asked for a bit of technical advice.

object theory research for group project

C2 Solid Chair
Patrick Jouin

swarm chandelier by Zaha Hadid, made out of 16,000 black crystals...I love it

Andy goldsworthy's Cairns...see book.

Essay done!

no more to be said really

Friday, April 3, 2009

Glass tech, week 5

Marcus is away so the class will...grind and polish our cubes

Glass studio, week 5, Past present project object

The entire class presented excellent be uploaded as soon as my essay is out of the way... OK pictures being uploaded..but this is just essay procrastination as I have already cleaned the kitchen...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

tea and sweet things with the lovely Miss Starr

I caught up with Amelia this afternoon, haven't chatted since I left work.
The wash room cafe in Rozelle provided us with loose leaf tea, sweet edibles, ladybirds, spiders and caterpillars on trapezes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mosaic madness

After classes today I raced up to Mosaic Madness run by Nola.
Nola is coordinating and driving a HUGE community mosaic project. All are welcome.

Nola has set up a way that some students from SCA can learn and help with the project. We get to learn mosaic technique whilst helping Nola out with some kiln techniques for the recycled bottle glass(this means I get to learn them too)

Visit her website and go to the Community mosaics section and have a look at the Hawthorne canal Leichhardt project.

Hot shop, Week 5

A lovely drizzly April fool's day afternoon to spend blowing our first bubble, pics will be uploaded once out of the kiln (glass not pics)

so here is my first glass bubble on my first 'art' essay.

Art theory, Week 5

Looking at seeing and reading / Ian Burn.
Lecture: Artists who write
Tutorial: If an artwork can speak for it's self why would an artist write?