Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Concepts, Body as site, Week 8

The body and space.

Sean O'Connell our tutor..(do check out his Jewellery and sculpture) showed us clips and film of Rebecca Horn, Stelarc, Oskar Schlemmer.

This was to warm us up for our own exploration "Lines on the body".
Examine the notion of personal space, bring an abstract idea into reality. the reality part was 3 other class members, foil, wooden skewers, string, sellotape and other bits and pieces.

HOMEWORK..Sorry Assessment task:
Your bedroom and body
Understand the relationship between your body and your room

As a person who at the moment sleeps in 4-5 different places this is interesting.
My first thought is to do something with the doorways and entry as each is different.

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