Tuesday, September 15, 2015

GLINT 2015 residency wrap up

For the last 6 weeks I have been involved in a fantastic artist residency called GLINT. It's the residency lovechild of Canberra Glassworks and Megalo Print Studio. 6 artists, 3 of glass and 3 of print get to wander between the 2 studios sharing skills, trying out new techniques and expanding our individual practices through the lens of another medium.

From the glass world GLINT 2015 were George Agius, Debra Jurss and Spike Deane (myself) and from the print world we had Nicci Haynes, Julie Ryder and Luke Chiswell. We all had very different skill sets, even within our own mediums which was a great bonus, the opportunity was there to learn and try SO many different things.
L-R. Deb Jurss, Julie Ryder, Nicci Haynes, Spike Deane, George Agius, Luke Chiswell

The arts community around the Canberra Glassworks and Megalo Print Studio is such that we had input from other artists too, notably Ruth Oliphant who gave us a fantastic powder printing demo, Lisa Cahill who helped out with some slumping, Peter Nilsen with cold-working and Matt Curtis.

Yesterday was our last day, which really involved sorting through the amazing amount of tests and samples on our 'studio tables' and checking every corner of both buildings for anything we may have left behind... oh and some cleaning (it always gets messy in the final week).

A big thank you to the staff of Canberra Glassworks and Megalo Print Studio who helped enormously through out the residency duration with advice on projects and booking equipment.

So what did I get up to? See my Instagram feed for ALL the photos. I think I will need to break up the photos and projects into separate posts, but here is a small selection.

Used one of my popular silhouettes for etching

Casts of a woodcut

powder printing

screen printing fabric