Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Academic gowns, robes, hoods etc

On the 10th of May I have my graduation ceremony, where one HAS to wear the traditional costume of gown/robe, hood and hat (the mortar board type). To hire the set for a few hours is $120-$150, which all up I guess is not so super expensive for the service, BUT...I find it annoying that there is no choice not to wear one and not to have to pay. So I have decided, to sew my own (which is within the rules). Suitably I am going to use the  fabric that I blacked out the room I installed my grad show work in.

However there is surprising little information out there (on the web) with CLEAR pictures for garments with so many rules.

Hopping through many links I came across this resource at the costumer's manifesto. So it's a little dated (but then so is the tradition of wearing the damn things). The hoods have been puzzling me the most, as there are quite a few styles for different degrees and schools. I traced the B.A hood pattern in miniature to make up a calico just so I could see how it worked. The colours for Sydney College of the Arts BVA are scarlet and purple !!! Thankfully I only have to put a 5cm trim of each to line the hood.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Morning collection

So this is the second day of Masa's the Joy and logic of cold working. Before we start joyfully cold working here is my magpie collection of bits from this mornings walk. Backdrop, Bitter sweet cafe table in Kingston.