Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Serendipitous knitting circle (Audrey in Unst update)

Since I was in Woden early I decided that I would buy some buttons for a skirt, the skirt that up until now I have been wearing with a safety pin. On the way to the fabric shop there are opshops and a yarn shop (deadly). I just happend by Stich 'n' Time when a knitting circle started...I had my Audrey in Unst in my bag, so I joined in for a bit. Good to meet you Ladies!

Audrey in Unst, the back grows

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Forbidden Chamber moves on to Mansfield

The Forbidden chamber moves on to Mansfield....

Arrested Liquidity
26 October - 4 November 2013
@ MAGE: Mansfield Art Glass Exposiiton 2013 Martin’s Garage, 52-54 Chenery Street, Mansfield, 3722, Vic.

Image credits go to the wonderful Dylan Esguerra

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Audrey in Unst, the lace

I think it might be time to check in with my Ravelry account and up my percentage of project completed... Great fun making the shape change and doing the lace. Knitting time on the drive from Canberra-Sydney-Dooralong-Canberra

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A ring of Fairy Tales

A ring is a traditional gift for graduation (so my parents told me). My Mum and Dad presented me with a beautifully wrapped book size gift. Inside was a Folio Society edition of the Grimm's fairy Tales illustrated by Arthur Rackham. I have always hankered after a folio book but they are pricey.

When I opened up the book however, inside was a surprise...someone had cut into it!
What transpires is my Mum and Dad ordered a bespoke 'Literary Jewel' from Artist Jeremy May of Little Fly
It's an amazing piece, I have compressed fairy tales on my finger, I love it!

My 'dainty' artist hands (hah!)

The colouring of the LRRH

The book on my dressing table

Artist talk at the Rocks

Sydney was very full this weekend. The Australian Navy were celebrating 100 years with boats sailing in from all over the world, aeroplane displays & fireworks (oh and a British prince), some famous boyband was in town and on the Sunday a sporting grandfinal...and then there was a bit of art happening. I think my bit of the talk went well, and I managed to answer all questions...thank you Dougie for pre empting all possible questions on the trip up to Sydney.
me catching some shade before the talk

Friday, October 4, 2013

Summer holidays kids classes

All 3 days worth of seals, whales and penguins ready for glass melting...and I'm ready to sit down!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paths through the forest @ M16 Art Space

'Paths Through the Forest' mmmm hmmm I thought at reading the exhibition title of an opening coming up soon at M16. "That sounds right up my street". But I almost didn't go. You know those days, you get to the end of them and you feel grubby and tired and just want to go home and fall on the sofa?  Well in the end, despite the plaster 'decorated' clothing and skin I walked over to M16 from the Glassworks. I'm so glad I did, I had a chance to meet one of the artists Julie and share some of our fascinations with the folk and fairy tale world (that rarely happens with other visual artists).

This weekend M16 Artspace are having an event 'A Thousand words' where Canberra writers respond to the artwork with some story telling. I'm looking forwarrd to it!

A wife made of flowers by Julie Bradley

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a present from the cat

a dead rat at 4.30am.

The cat was very pleased with herself and playing very loudly under my bedside table at 4.30am this morning. In order to make the most of the remaining hour of sleep I tried to work out why she was so excited. Eventually I saw what I thought was the stringy end of a toy she likes, I pulled it out from under the table.....and 'lo' to my somewhat sleepy surprise there was a large dead rat on the ther end!

Thanks cat!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Audrey in Unst begins to start taking shape

A very exciting part of my first 'complex' knit. Separating the front and back, shaping the armhole and starting the lace bib section, woot!

Unst lace bib beginning

See that lace section...separate from the rest