Tuesday, September 24, 2013

fly zipper avoidance

So there wouldn't be any one around here avoiding putting the fly zipper in would there?
I think i've done everything that can be done before the fly zipper HAS to go in...

shirt placket becomes fly facing

Icebergs ahoy

Cast glass Antarctic animals (+ visiting Artic polar bear) in their new environment. Thanks to Ruth Oliphant for creating a good home for them.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Antartic animals let out of the kiln

Here are the bunch of animals I made for Ruth's 'Antarctic diorama' (to entice kids to make the workshop). I probably said this too many times yesterday...but I've never really made anything CUTE before...
Penguins, seals, starfish and random fish (and a visiting polar bear)

my favourite seal

baby Harp seal (hopefully)

granted, Polar bears live in the North not South

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cord skirt in recycled sari fabric

I have in the past worn many different styles skirts made from pre-loved sari fabric. Many garments alas wear out in certain stress areas (bum and hips). I love the brocade, patterns and colours so I hang on to the fabric...for many years.

I have cut out a 'cord skirt copy' in bits and pieces of sari silk. Which proved more challenging than I thought. What with the wear holes I have made, previous holes and stains and the fact that most were cut on the bias and pattern direction (which I then decided to ignore) it was a tricky job. I also for interlining used some old mens shirts and some sheeting.

You put this silk here for me, Yes?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The forbidden chamber

 Showing in Art and About @ Pop up Gallery 140 George Street, The Rocks.
Spike Deane. The forbidden chamber, (2013). Cast glass, steel, mirror. 60 x 60 x 5cm.

pity about the ceiling, but it was all like that.

Human beings are story tellers.
My work draws on narratives found in folk and fairy tales to explore themes of individual transformation and metamorphosis. These tales evoke archetypes, myths, legends and fundamental truths from our lived experiences as social beings in an ever changing world. Each generation re-imagines the core stories of folk traditions and it is this process of reinvention and renewal that underpins my work. With this piece I examine tales like those of Bluebeard and Fitcher's bird where a terrible secret lies behind a forbidden door.

In folklore and fairy tales the key can denote liberation, knowledge, the unravelling of mysteries or a difficult task to accomplish. In these stories I see the key assisting us on a path of revelation, unlocking secrets that reveal truths that enable personal growth and transformation.

'The forbidden chamber' install

Here you can see my key pouches and packing.

Mirror slip

key pouches, much easier I think than wrapping each one in bubble wrap.

newly peeled acrylic

Greyhound to Sydney and back

I caught a greyhound bus from Canberra to Sydney and back, to take my newly completed art work to the pop-up gallery, be there to set it up, catch up with Maureen and grab some proper fake blood from Barnes in Newtown.

Sydney was in fine form, perfect weather (I had to delayer somewhat) with a bustling city pace. I loved the "Walking men world wide" City of Sydney banners that are up in the city at the moment. They really are a fascinating glance at diversity within a very narrow subject.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Comments in glass"

the Keys will be here as of Thursday

Packing up the keys

Thanks to Ruth Oliphant I picked up my rolled metal bar on Monday (and a suggestion of a title -thanks Ruth!), so today I trialled all the pieces and packed the work for travelling. I sewed a slip for the acrylic mirror and roll up padded pouch pockets for the keys.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Audrey in stitches

I have decreased and now I increase...slowly does it with help from the cat

Polar bears...are not antarctic animals

Whilst I was at the Caberra Glassworks today, I made some more "Antartic animals" for a diorama of glass beasties to entice young persons to take the Glassworks' "Antartic animals" workshop....
Luckily as well as a polar bear, I made some seals and penguins...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Copy cat cord skirt

Apart from the buttons I have finished my 'cord skirt' copy. The copy needs a few tweaks because I tweaked the pattern while cutting as I had limited frabric to cut from (a previous long skirt).

However I am happy with and wearing it. I stuffed up the sewing of the fly can't tell, but it didn't go in the way it should and was slower to boot. The hem is 4 cm longer, I decided after I cut it, so the hem and the pocket lining are in a different but surprisingly good colour matched fabric.

I stitched it with my mother's Elna Air Electronic SU (a portable machine she has had since before I was born...and passed onto me about 10 years ago). I have an industrial straight stitcher, but I have yet to sort it out since the move (lazy I know!)

Patch pockets
Fly front and side pockets

Thursday, September 12, 2013

key to the bloody chamber

I  was asked for a photo of the Key's work today for a flyer...unfortunately I was at the glassworks and not getting home till this evening, where I found another reminder for it ASAP. So I launched into photographer mode, trying to find my portable camera (the SLR being out of action), camera is almost out of batteries. Grab a mirror and some keys (the ring is being rolled this week) and try to take 'a' decent shot. Mirrors..whose idea was that eh?
faffing about, mirrors show everything!
 After 45mins of faffing about I tried a black background...much better. The Keys do look good on the mirror, it's just very hard to capture on film (digitally).

Cats and sewing

Before there were blogs and when I sewed a lot I had the cat / sewing problem. 15 years later, different cat, started sewing again...I can now join most of the sewing blogging community with pictures of cat interrupted sewing projects.

I'm taking a pattern off a RTW cord skirt that I bought at an op shop and have shortened. I have worn this item so much...almost everyday apart from washes for the last 2 months. I also recently found a long skirt that I used to wear a lot that is 2 sizes too small now, so I'm planning on recutting it into the pattern below. When I think about it, it looks a little like Grainline studio's popular Moss skirt.
curious? no I just wanted to wash right here!

Initial pattern pieces, yet to be checked and trued.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Key project progress

Perspex mirror...check (from Plastic creations)
Steel round bar 8mm...check (from Metal mart)
Steel being bent to 265mm circles...check (at Hadofen, 12 Endurance Ave, Queanbeyan NSW 2620)

It's all coming together, though Dougie is getting to know Fyshwick far better than he wants to :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello Purr

In my quest to create a kiln / firing schedule app, I have started to learn some skills, well very basic ones. Using the MIT app inventor I completed their first tutorial "Hello purr" which totally peeved our feline visitor. The very simple task is to make a picture of a cat meow when you tap your phone...which made said 'kitteh' look around for her rival for affection and food (probably not in that order)
This is the image I used...of 'our' cat (actually the neighbours cat who kind of lives with us)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

key placement

The short of it is....I need to make more keys...and you never know what it will look like until you get all the bits together.
keys on an embroidery hoop

I forget how CURIOUS cats are

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Father's day this year is also the first day of Spring

This is a card for my Dad, I have come a little unstuck with my rubber mould for the 'Woodland Tankard' so it is still a work in progress. So here is Spike the hedgehog (one of the characters on the mug and a sometime source of nickname inspiration for me) in the Dunce's corner...
The first day of Spring was lovely and warm with the garden fragrant with Daffodils, Jonquils, Hyacinths and Snowdrops.