Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cats and sewing

Before there were blogs and when I sewed a lot I had the cat / sewing problem. 15 years later, different cat, started sewing again...I can now join most of the sewing blogging community with pictures of cat interrupted sewing projects.

I'm taking a pattern off a RTW cord skirt that I bought at an op shop and have shortened. I have worn this item so much...almost everyday apart from washes for the last 2 months. I also recently found a long skirt that I used to wear a lot that is 2 sizes too small now, so I'm planning on recutting it into the pattern below. When I think about it, it looks a little like Grainline studio's popular Moss skirt.
curious? no I just wanted to wash right here!

Initial pattern pieces, yet to be checked and trued.

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