Friday, May 29, 2009

idea cast glass

for a cast glass object not sure quite how to do it yet.
Had a chat with Eliot before he left
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Glass tech, week 12

Oh the anticipation! Similar to a ten year old at christmas.

Waiting for our mould's to have cooled enough to be taken out of the kiln let alone broken out.

the 'delicate' task of setting free one's casting.

Sarah's piece was most reluctant and needed the persuasion of an electric drill to emerge.

It's a bit like eating a complicated seafood dish.

Lots of cutlery and suspense!

the curious dead possum mostly free of plaster.

The next bit of waiting is at least a day before doing any cold work on it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have so much blogging to catch up on. 2 weeks worth I think. one too many assignments and blogging goes out the window! anyhow who I am apologising to? maybe my blog feels neglected! :)

Hot shop, week 12

Friday, May 22, 2009

Glass tech, open faced moulds, week 10

A practical demonstration on making an open-faced mould.

Open face moulds suit models that have a wider base than the top.

Make your object in clay

surround with (baffels?) fix with g clamps and seal edges with clay.

Mix your plaster.

Plaster should achieve this consistency.

Flick plaster in to begin with (some techniques do differ)

Pour in plaster carefully preferably in a corner not on the clay (causes bubbles).

watch out for leaking.
Jiggle table ot tap baffles...causes bubbles to rise.


Glass tech, casting, week 11

All our moulds are ready! See the odd white things on the table.

Now for a suitable firing cycle.

Imagine a zone of silence and no small amount of pressure as we wait for Eliot to come up with the perfect table.

Artist of the day, Lego?

Physical ASCII. How pseudo-retro-techno. INDEED!

What happens when one guy has too many modulex bricks? go here to find out

Friday, May 8, 2009

Artist of the day

Veil of trees. Janet Laurence

See some of her work at Sherman Galleries

Veil of trees is at Mrs Maquaries point, Sydney.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Glass tech week 8

Marcus re introduced us to the kiln room.
Kiln shelves, kiln wash, the extractor & props were identified and exampled along with safety precautions.

Our "made up" firing schedules were checked and tweaked..

For the rest of the lesson we tried to figure out how to set the kilns. Some of us were more successful than others. I'm not sure if I am hugley confident.

The test strips were put in and this is what they looked like when they came out.

Float test strip after kiln with schedule

Bullseye test strip after kiln with firing schedule

Glass studio, Glass tool and self, week 8

The assignment is glass tool self.

an exploration of our favoured glass tools, types of glass used to express a part of our own selves.

In class we brainstormed words for

Glass: gather, translucency, liquid, hot, cold, solid, brittle, stress, reflective, sterile, light, refraction, magnification,purity, clarity,plastic, bendable, molten, grind, fluid, malleable, super cooled liquid, layer, blow, fuse, heavy, transparent

Tool: grinders, jacks, pipes, shears, kiln, tweezers, linisher, marver, glass cutter, diamond saw, furnace, annealer, pliers, torch, polisshing, grit blaster, punty, paddle, blocks, lathe, glue, glory hole ...

Self: (all the class) sleepless & energetic, purple &newport, coffee & face, surf &life, train & motivated, colour & books, colour & sky, twin & horses, shower & westy, Sports & movies.

Proposal to be delivered next week.

The next part of the class was a bit of prep for the next class - studio tech.
A compatability test.

chips of Different types of glass on a strip of bullseye and a strip of float.

Andrew parting words were " Now make up a firing schedule for both of them"

Test strips pre Kiln