Friday, May 1, 2009

Glass studio, Glass tool and self, week 8

The assignment is glass tool self.

an exploration of our favoured glass tools, types of glass used to express a part of our own selves.

In class we brainstormed words for

Glass: gather, translucency, liquid, hot, cold, solid, brittle, stress, reflective, sterile, light, refraction, magnification,purity, clarity,plastic, bendable, molten, grind, fluid, malleable, super cooled liquid, layer, blow, fuse, heavy, transparent

Tool: grinders, jacks, pipes, shears, kiln, tweezers, linisher, marver, glass cutter, diamond saw, furnace, annealer, pliers, torch, polisshing, grit blaster, punty, paddle, blocks, lathe, glue, glory hole ...

Self: (all the class) sleepless & energetic, purple &newport, coffee & face, surf &life, train & motivated, colour & books, colour & sky, twin & horses, shower & westy, Sports & movies.

Proposal to be delivered next week.

The next part of the class was a bit of prep for the next class - studio tech.
A compatability test.

chips of Different types of glass on a strip of bullseye and a strip of float.

Andrew parting words were " Now make up a firing schedule for both of them"

Test strips pre Kiln

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