Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Revelling in reading

credits to Sweets workshop blog
This short holiday (from uni) is of course dreary and wet, a rather grey contrast to the brilliantly sunny weeks that preceded it. However today was a "real' day off, no work of any sort. I checked out 'Sweets workshop' a two room gallery / shop just across the road from Summerhill train station. The window display had caught my eye the week before on the way to uni. Since paper cutting is in my sphere at the moment I braved the rain to go visit Nina May's 'Paper and the Blade' exhibition. The main wall in the gallery space showed a cluster of framed works with a range of themes. Some had fairytale origins, others portrayed a whimsical quirkiness that at times was humorous and lighthearted or otherwise a little melancholy. If  I could I would have 'Hills hoist girl'.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent searching for a second book in the opp shop so I could sit in a comfy chair in the cafe on the corner opposite the station drinking hot coffee, reading and eating pear and almond tart.

Once the rain had ceased sufficiently to walk home, I left one cozy spot to visit Ashfield library, which I haven't visited since the latest refurb. I got out more books, picked up some extra supplies for dinner and went home to read some more.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


 A quick test to see how the projection will look over the glass pieces. Better than I thought!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Postmodern reinterpretations of Fairytales

Postmodern Reinterpretations of Fairy Tales: How Applying New Methods Generates New Meanings edited by Anna Kerchy..blogged about by Surlalune, I really think this would be a good book for me to read in readyness for next year..but without seeing a copy, US$147.50 is a bit much....maybe I can suggest the library get a copy?

Glass elective with Susie Peck: 9

Rayzist, raaaaaaaaaaaaayzist!
Out of the hot shop this week, to experiment with Rayzist SSR3000. The Australian supplier is Problast.
Rayzist photomask is a self adhesive photo resist film that you can use for applying a detailed resist to glass for sandblasting. You can use it on other materials too.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry!

My best friends little boy turned one today....there was a lovely party and I made a cut paper mobile for his room featuring the animals they have at home; Snowy the pony, Jasper the Border Collie and chickens (i don't know their names). It ended up so cute I almost didn't want to give it away.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blowing with Tegan and then Kate

Tegan had the wonderful idea of making mini bubble nets for brooches. Smaller does not mean easier, amazing how often we forget that!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Understanding professional practice with Karin: 6

Knowing the business part 2: Today's class began with a presentation from Donna and Georgette? from Viscopy. I was charging the furnace today so I had a short reprieve while I sprinted back to the glass studio to lob batch into the furnace.
The second half of the lesson waaaaaas about selling: Consignment/Retail/Wholesale and deciding who was going to present when.