About me

Hi! My name is Spike Deane and I'm a Canberra based artist interested in retelling folk and fairy tale narratives through glass and mixed media. I make work between my garage/studio and hiring facilities at the Canberra Glassworks. Reading has always been an addictive pastime for me and it is very satifying to express that interest through my art. Glass is my main passion but I love seeing it in contrast with other materials especially textiles, wood and animation. I live with my partner and a fluffy cat called Thistle.

If you would like to see some of my finished pieces please take a look at my website at


About my blog

I started this blog in 2009, the year I began a Bachelor of Visual Arts in the Glass Studio at Sydney College of the Arts. I wanted to keep a diary of all the new skills and projects that I was learning and decided to try out blogging. In 2012 I finished my degree with Honours and continued to blog my ideas and processes and I don't think I will ever stop. I find it to be a very useful tool, especially as I take lots of pictures as I go. Have a scroll through my latest projects or wander through my 'tags' to look for interesting subjects. Try 'Selkies' or 'casting'

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