Thursday, November 17, 2011

Into the woods (2011)

Here is my Grad show major work. This is a quick video from my tiny camera..I'll get a more professional job done soon...but for the mean time, here it is!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More waiting

I guess I freaked out today. I knew working with after effects was going to be challenging. Only because I have used it very little. I couldn't remember all the steps and my notes didn't cover everything that Jack showed me. So a bit of a panic. After 4-5 hours playing around with the program I seem to be getting somewhere.

I have a basic test..that is STILL rendering. WAITING!


for over 500 images to download...
It's hot, humid and almost 2am. The mosquitos haven't given up yet, and neither have I. ...images waiting in the transfer queue is now 326 and then I'll go and take some more shots for my animation.

I haven't blogged much recently, Graduation show is only days away (tuesday coming) and the pressure is on. Every minute is allocated for. Including the ones around 3am.