Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brazil, Cuiaba. Game 1

We are in Cuiaba now for the Australia v Chile game. You know I said to Dougie, shall I pack some tea bags and he scoffed at me, though also there are no kettles in rooms any way. I have learnt how to say hot tea, (sha Kent e) as when Dougie ordered..."HOT TEA" he got a hot cheese sandwich!
Warmer here and not very wheelchair friendly streets, lots of broken crumbling pavements. Last night there were police and the armed forces out all over the place (big guns / rifels) Not sure if that is normal or a one off. Had dinner (Jantar) by choosing from the menu by pictures and guesses. Managed to get all vegetarian from a fairly meaty menu.
The breakfasts here are included in the hotel prices, lots of fruit and allsorts, I had a coconut rice condensed milk sort of thing in Rio. Dougie took my word for its flavour.
Anyway almost time to get Dougie up, due to the hour time difference in Cuiaba I got up to assemble the shower chair too early. The sun is now up, very bright. They have a pool here, which I shall check out soon. This is the swishest place in Cuiaba and of all the hotels we are staying in, we were lucky to get anywhere in Cuiaba.
We haven't killed each other yet, but it's been close (especially for me)

Monday, June 2, 2014


The inaugral Kirra Illuminated Light Awards (KIGA) opens this Tuesday 2nd June at 6pm. I can't attend as I'm off overseas soon and need to concentrate on getting thngs ready before I go. Kirra have produced a catalogue and one on line here. There are some really fabulous pieces. One of my favourites is Jeremy Lepisto's The Aquisition, have a look at his work and blog here.

Midnight grove (2014) Cast Glass, reclaimed Cedar, Gold leaf, Copper and LED fixture.