Friday, September 13, 2013

Copy cat cord skirt

Apart from the buttons I have finished my 'cord skirt' copy. The copy needs a few tweaks because I tweaked the pattern while cutting as I had limited frabric to cut from (a previous long skirt).

However I am happy with and wearing it. I stuffed up the sewing of the fly can't tell, but it didn't go in the way it should and was slower to boot. The hem is 4 cm longer, I decided after I cut it, so the hem and the pocket lining are in a different but surprisingly good colour matched fabric.

I stitched it with my mother's Elna Air Electronic SU (a portable machine she has had since before I was born...and passed onto me about 10 years ago). I have an industrial straight stitcher, but I have yet to sort it out since the move (lazy I know!)

Patch pockets
Fly front and side pockets

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