Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The forbidden chamber

 Showing in Art and About @ Pop up Gallery 140 George Street, The Rocks.
Spike Deane. The forbidden chamber, (2013). Cast glass, steel, mirror. 60 x 60 x 5cm.

pity about the ceiling, but it was all like that.

Human beings are story tellers.
My work draws on narratives found in folk and fairy tales to explore themes of individual transformation and metamorphosis. These tales evoke archetypes, myths, legends and fundamental truths from our lived experiences as social beings in an ever changing world. Each generation re-imagines the core stories of folk traditions and it is this process of reinvention and renewal that underpins my work. With this piece I examine tales like those of Bluebeard and Fitcher's bird where a terrible secret lies behind a forbidden door.

In folklore and fairy tales the key can denote liberation, knowledge, the unravelling of mysteries or a difficult task to accomplish. In these stories I see the key assisting us on a path of revelation, unlocking secrets that reveal truths that enable personal growth and transformation.

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