Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Concepts - Materiality and Process, Week 6

My Material is rusty bolts and nuts. The two are now through age, time and oxidisation fused together. see scan

I'm pinning my whole bunch of concepts on the theme of metamorphosis.
The transformation from shiny man made precision useful tool to a more organic form.
the fusion of two parts to make one. The triumph of nature over the man made object..eventually.

After learning a few tricks on photoshop:

the bolts copied and rearranged to create a horse like sculpture. reminiscent i think of ancient representations. Amazing now how the bolts suggest such animation in their new curvy organic shapes. I immediately think of horses legs when i see them, so here goes for horse made out of bolts...

Horse has bolted

A mock up showing massive reproductions in a sculpture park, the back drop is the Dooralong Valley.

A line drawing print for fabric for a chair...hmm what kind of chair..well I guess it would have to be a Hob nob.


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