Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Concepts, Materiality and process, Inside out project - easter break

hmmm last project title is inside out start thinking..

Inside out?
first thought is about turning your shirt or jacket inside out to deflect the gaze and amoral trickstery of faery.
shows the marks of the maker on the inside, like seaming and stitches, thumb-prints and drawing lines.
what is usually protected being exposed.
wrong way around
not it's / her / his usual side
showing emotions deeper feelings
same but different...
clothes inside a hurry, forgetfulness, absentminded, careless
confusion, mixed up
ransacked turned inside out someone has gone through all your stuff..violation
back to front
postmodern architecture..pompidou centre... lloyds building in london.
Richard Rodgers' architecture especially the two example mentioned above have all pipes, lifts, wires etc on the outside (usually contained within a building)to give a clean unencumbered space on the inside
cut open something turn it back on itself and lay bare in pictures and small objects the thoughts and memories from the inside
old books ?

Inside out tin box by jamie newton

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