Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Concepts, Materiality and process, Week 7

So the inside out project developed from my brainstorming as:

take the idea of bringing out what is usually on the inside to the out side. Expose it or display it.
What do we have on the inside apart from flesh and bones? thoughts & memories among some.

How do we access others thoughts and memories....writing, talking, photographs, drawing...

Take some bio/ autobiographies (admitedly one fiction book for padding)glue them together cover to cover to create a circle, spines on the inside.
Biographies are one way for our thougts to escape the 'insideness' of our heads.

From the books i have sliced out quotes that stand out delicately on coloured wire.
Images that represent some of the main feelings expressed within the books are also wired to the pages. So to with some photographs contained within the books.

Said object did suffer slightly being flip flopped to the floor on my entry to the assessment room via a slop of clay..I kept some sort of balance whilst throwing everything I held upwards...i'll try and keep better composure next time.

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