Sunday, September 20, 2009

I started the day by making cup cakes (at 6.30am). Got to Uni in time to put the bungs in for the kiln (about 9). At 10 Andrew walked past with a prospective student and delayed our sensibility shift proposals by 15 mins which was fine with us.

The prospective student 'Rosie' ended up being one of Dougie's literature class mates. She sat in on our presso's (andrew's word) gladly nibbling a cup cake. We chatted a bit afterwards about the course and applications. She seems very interested in glass and has done a few short courses so I think she'll be snapped up.

Deb got one of the tiny kilns going to put the extra Blackford(?) Crystal
in case the beast had soaked up too much it was we didn't need it.

Marcus' class ran through the Lampworking Kilns and the new Kilns.

'Sensibility Shift' the bowl in the top left is the final design.

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