Saturday, September 12, 2009

Online comics

Well I've always had a soft spot for 'graphic novels', Neil Gaiman's Sandman series springs to mind of course and some of his other novels thatare more than illustrated... stardust is a favourite illustrated by Charles Vess..who is also an artist favoured by Charles De lint. Recently through that never ending path of site hopping (demonstrated in the previous meander of writers and artists) I have come across a few that really appeal..some surprising.

Visually gorgeous with a plot I can't even begin to pre guess is "King of an Endless Sky" By Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon published by Tor. Kurt and Zelda have a blog called "teetering bulb"

If you like Sci Fi and fantasy art then check out 'the art department' blogged by Tor's Art director.

The second that I have found my self addicted to is the surprising choice..Redstring is a Japanese high school story produced by Gina Biggs.. apart from wanting to know how it all turns out story wise, I admire the composition of each page and the occasional footnote to explain little bits of Japanse culture.

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