Thursday, September 17, 2009

Studio day

A hot day 30c

Started off blowing with Kirra, a good influence I think as I felt I achieved better glass blowing than ususal. I made a bowl and a tumbler. Charlotte had brought some icepops which were a welcome relief at 'half time', music was provided by Kirra which I enjoyed.. 'The cat Empire'.

Deb arrived to steam some moulds and put the beast on as well to make sure that it was as wax free as possible. We had some issues trying the displacement method to work out the amount of glass as this particular mould is heavy and awkward. I had thought it may take about 3kg of glass, but the water kept dissapearing. This led me to the conclusion that there were some holes and that the water was leaking into spaces in the void.

Needless to say I felt very deflated, it is all very well to lose your wax in the lost wax process if you get something in return. Not only that it IS an assesment piece with a due date rather time for re doing it. I was also concerned about the kiln it was in and the piece it was next to in case anything went wrong, we had thought we wouldn't put it in. Marcus however lifted our spirits by telling us to put it in any way...and suggested that today we could put some more glass in a hot box ready for top temp in case it looked as though it would need more glass..which Deb is bringing today as I don't have any more clear.

It's funny that you don't thinkthat anyone notices what you are doing..but as we were asking Marcus..he says "yep i'm familiar with that piece (my wax model)" and I are? Any way fingers crossed.

We moved Deb's birds and branch mould from the faulty kiln to another one..let's hope this one goes ok. Then I went to the library to finish and submit my Image research asssignment...phew.

Nettie was doing an interesting demo for the second years which I stopped by to watch for a while, though thier concentration was broken for a while by the appearance of a cockroach.

After a shower (yes they even have hot water here) I changed into unsweaty un plastered clothes, turned on the kiln and cauthe the bus in to town.

Met up with Dougie for sushi (some where on Hay street) and a sundae at passionflower..which was a lot bigegr than expected. The amusing thing about it was the name. "Nutty* bannana chocolate" *may contain nuts. I mean shouldn't it CONTAIN nuts if nutty is in the name?

On our way to the 'studio' at the Opera House we bumped into Simon Darcy and friend Fiona.
Oracle the performance we went to see was amazing. Inspired by the 'rite of spring' the dance was as energetic and enigmatic as the music.

When we got home I redrew my 'Sensibility shift' proposal

Pics to be added later.

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