Friday, September 11, 2009

Review week: Review

Today was our actual review, which I managed to be late for (unplanned). Luckily my attendance is usually prompt. That was executed by Andrew fairly quickly..he has fair idea how we are all going.

Spent the rest of the day partly following Kate around who was doing some screen printing..our impromptu lesson in screen printing on glass got sprung by Janet who wasn't pleased to find 4 uninitiated novices in her grounds. However she offerd an induction for us next wednesday so we can use the Print media facilities. Pretty good for someone who was spending her day off at work.

Marina had suggested a way to join the two halves of the Larria light... with tooth picks. Splinters of tooth picks steadied the parts enough for me to start smoothing the wax together. It is now one entity. More smoothing and nubs to add. But I am well pleased with the progress.

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