Saturday, September 26, 2009

Books and Tevita Havea

I had a simple mission. Picking up 'The Boat' by Nam Le from the MCA bookshop took a matter of seconds...(they ordered it in for me in less than a week..WOW). Inspired reading is back on at the MCA after a couple of months gap. Next on my l ist was to pick up some fiction from Borders using a voucher I still have from my birthday. Except Borders in the city has gone and so has Lincraft where I wanted to buy some boning..GONE. Ok so I can buy books elsewhere..though not with a Borders voucher. So I went off to Galaxy where they had MOVED all the books! (about three bays along) I used to know to the inch where everything was. Since I was near Galaxy Books I though I may pay a visit to Tessuiti a fabric shop which had also MOVED..but not a couple of inches. This is what you get when you don't go shopping for months.

Giving up on the center of Sydney I headed up to GIG gallery in Glebe to go to the opening and artist talk for Tevita Havea. Imagine..a whole room of his work..wonderful!

Maureen Cahill introduced Tevita to a small gathering of friends, family and glass artists with the exception of a few real punters. Was it the time of the opening..Saturday afternoon? or the fact notification was less than a week?

After inspecting and admiring Tevita's work and the new selection of works next door at GAG we enjoyed an afternoon tea at Sappho's book shop across the road.

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