Friday, March 25, 2011

Locating practice - 4: Genres and sub genres

Readings: Australian Gothic / G. Turcotte & The practice of everyday life / Michel de Certeau (a paper not the book)

Think that Gothic is just a penchant for too much black, lace and laces? Not so...The word Gothic has a long history which traveled a long way before it became what we recognise it as today. Gothic describes the uncanny, the uncomfortable and all that is 'unhomely'.

'Neo Goth: back in black' 2008.
goth/ emo/ surf/ indie/ punk: something decidedly dark is permeating all aspects of contemporary culture. From its subcultural origins in eighteenth century literature, through to the movement's dedicated tribes of black-clad youths in the 1980s, Goth culture is no longer underground or fringe, but mainstream. Is this 'new' interpretation of the Gothic aesthetic just that – an aesthetic – or is the neo-Goth impulse a considered response to a darker, more pessimistic world?
The major exhibition neo goth dips beneath the surface and takes a peek at the noir underbelly of Australian culture as it is manifested across art, fashion, film and literature. exhibition blurb

Artists: Damien Hirst 'Adam & Eve together at last' & 'Endgame', Ben Quilty, Katie Rhoad, Monika, Timothy Horn, Tichacek, Ricky Swallow, Tim Silver, Shain Gladwell, Pier Madden, Patricia Piccini, Albert seems at some time or another all artists paint a skull....

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