Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have been sewing over the holidays. A friend is getting married and the invitations say 'elegant'..hmmmmm. She also has a girls night out (other wise known as a hen / doe? party) which has the theme of 'party shoes and bling'..another wardrobe looks back at me and says.."no, I don't think we do that".

After wading through my extensive fabric collection I found some gold fabric that I have had since I was 21..blingy? maybe? It's almost made up in a tried and tested pattern (though I have found a flaw), it just needs a zip, boning and hem. After class today I remembered that the event is soon upon me, so I went to the local bead shop and bought some sparkle to make a belt. See the crystals nestling in the fabric..the sparkly thing in the middle is the clasp. Usually I don't give that sort of stuff a first glance..but some how it was strangely refreshing to have soooo much choice.

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