Saturday, March 19, 2011

ESP Gallery: Marrickville X

A trip to Marrickville resulted in more than seeing the 'peapod' in situ at ESP Gallery. I haven't been to I managed to miss the opening and tomorrow is the last day..for some reason I wanted to go in on a day when I wasn't picking up or dropping off the work.

"As like two peas" was in the front room near the window..great position! And talking to some of the people who had been around over the last few weekends..people had been doing as the sign suggested..opening and closing it! Yay. Before we could start having a look around, Leanne and Naomi Shedlezkico co authors of the 'matchboxprojects' approached us to add a match box. I think I probably coerced Dougie into doing one but its a fun idea. Leanne and Naomi give you a matchbox, add your details to it and take a photograph of you and match box. You take it away and put in something that gives an impression of what you makes your city..your city...the small pic below is a Melbourne collection, all displayed inside a perspex brief case.

There was a lot I liked in the exhibition. I took pics of the pea pod. In procrastination of grocery shopping which Dougie pronounced 'Boooring' we mooched around Marrickville. I bought some fabric that Katie-Ann would love and we stopped by a cafe for coffee and cake..then we went grocery shopping.

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