Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Contemporary Indigenous and Australian Art - 1

This course will be more interesting than I thought, which is a plus. Certain technical issues which involved 3 people, an exchange of computers and then a final projector meltdown, the class proceeded sans images. There was a small discussion, a bit of house keeping and then, when no further technical aid seemed to be forthcoming we were let out early.

The lack of the slide show prompted our tutor Danie Mellor to suggest a discussion in groups about "What is Aboriginal art?" The result showed that a lot (ALL) of the class where unsure and professed confusion of where the boundaries of  where the sacred and art stopped and started. Perhaps in trying to define this, we may gain a better understanding on what we think art IS anyway!

I think that my response baffled my group. Over the last while or so certain preconceptions of mine have lead me to have a fairly open view for me, Aboriginal art is... art produced by an artist who identifies as an Indigenous Australian. Yes I know, that's a really PC and broad if wishy washy response...BUT of course like any Anglo I think of dot paintings and stories of the dream time, but that doesn't encompass everyone, how does that fit in Destiny Deacon? or our tutor Danie? Lots of questions! :)

So, I look forward to our next class...
Destin Deacon. Meloncholy (2000)

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