Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wilderness: Art Gallery NSW

I have to go back to this exhibition to view it at a slower rate..I had 20 minutes before the Gallery shut. Aleks, who I was meeting had more time to enjoy the show, he was impressed.
Andrew Browne Curtain 2008
From my short wizz 'round I found myself drawn to the fairytale like qualities of Andrew Browne's work. Curtain's silent siren's song calls to the child within "Come into the dark, come and see what fine things lie in the forest". We know we shouldn't, know we'll probably get lost (and eaten by a witch) but the temptation is strong. Other works of his evoked Ents from Lord of the Rings

I'll go back for a longer session. After being kicked out of the AGNSW Aleks and I wandered through the Botanic Gardens and had Hot Chocolate at the Guylian Cafe at Circular Quay.

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