Thursday, March 4, 2010

Object theory - 1

Reading: The "Introduction" from Thinking through craft / Glenn Adamson.

In a larger group than last year we recapped last semester's work.

Given the terms Art, Craft and Design we chose words that broadly defined the subject.
Art: Contemporary, provocative, painting, sculpture, expression, galleries, conceptual, installations, value, contraversial.
Craft: Functional, utility, domestic, decorative , cultural, DIY, textiles, ceramics glass, Jewellery, paper, natural objects, traditional, kitsch, souvenirs, wood, sentimental.
Design: Commercial, production, advertising, innovation, fashion, function, social economic status, digital, technology, progressive.

Some of these descriptors immediatly crossover within the categories, but with closer examination none can be solely the property of one term or the other.

The over head presentation began with a quote from Darren Dean

"The work of country craftsmen was believed to have evoloved 'naturally'as the direct and honest  expression of simple functions, requirements and solid virtues. This vernancular tradition was construed as something static and timeless, in contrast to the dynamic and progressing modern world."

Journal of Design History. "A slipware dish by Samuel Malkin..Vol 7 no. 2 1994.

We dicussed what "Craft as 'a residual cultural practice'" could mean.

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