Friday, March 19, 2010

Harris Park Station

It's always a gamble choosing to go to Harris Park station rather than Parramatta. Harris Park is closer to work, has very few people waiting on the station and is an all stops station (so no express services). Parramatta is the opposite..absolutely teeming with people (am i going somewhere with this post? yes I am). This evening there was a lady dressed in the most stunning sari. Lime green with gold brocade and pale aqua borders. Her choli was also lime green. She had short hair style which really set off the look and gold star shape earrings. Of course I had to tell her that I thought the colours were beautiful, and then we chatted about the temple she was going to and the celebrations until her train came. So it was worth it when I saw an express go past whilst I thought 'I could have caught that if I had walked to Parramatta.'

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