Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New books: Contemporary kiln formed glass

Contemporary kiln formed glass: A world survey / Keith Cummings. (....) : A & C Black, 2009. ISBN: 9780812242324

I had been chasing "Small world by David Lodge" all afternoon as one of Dougie's Literature lecturer's put a book on the reading list the day of the first class...hence there are 600 first year literature students desperate for a book not published in Australia nor massively stocked in Sydney. On my last shot at Kinokinuya (no luck) I was delighted to find in their glass section THIS book. Keith Cummings has already written a very comprehensive work on kiln glass methods but this book differs as it show cases current warm glass artists with some insights into their technique and practice. I'll be getting it ASAP and our library is now aware of it's magnificence. Kirstie Rea our teacher features in it too!  BTW the copy at Kinokinuya is MINE.

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