Friday, March 26, 2010

Arabesk at 505

Arabesk is a four piece gypsy band who's live performances and recordings I have been enjoying for about 6 years. For the last few years the live part has been rather infrequent for my taste, so when I heard that they were playing tonight nothing was going to stop me from going. They were playing at a place I have only just started to hear about 'Club 505', which I have to say I really like. On ordering some drinks and tasty snacks, I was given a plastic toy dinosaur (as my order number), on arrival the food was freshly cooked with an extra serve of imagination and attention. Another amusing touch was the seating, amongst the opshop selection were some tiny chairs and tables which Dougie and I delightedly waited for someone to occupy. The only dissapointment was that the whole floor was not accesible, just the mezzanine part around the edge.

Arabesk were great and Dougie who has only ever heard the CD's was impressed. Thanks Guys!

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