Friday, October 23, 2009

Sandcasting stage 1 (those who arrived on time or near to it)

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Alice and Sarah graphite -ing their wooden push moulds.

Andrew suggests that either of my two blown inclusions in the hot box are a tad too big to go into the space that would be provided by my cedar mould. By now I don't really care about all the palava I went through to get it done over the last few weeks..maybe I had begun to think I was being a bit excessive? Any way I still had the copper netting that I had made, so that would suffice and the other two pieces could be kept for another least the colour would be fixed.
Andrew pushing in the first mould into the hand mixed and fluffed sand and bentonite.

Spraying the voids with coke a cola (apparently there is a use for it after all) to carbonise the surface area which is then torched to help stabilize the shape in anticpation of being filled with hot molten glass.

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