Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dinner at Yulli's

Thanks to this blog "The unbearable lightness of being hungry" I knew about Yulli's so I could suggest it as a place to meet up with some friends after work /uni. This was my first trial of it though I trust the author of the 'Unbearable lightness of being hungry' and I was not disssapointed. I will be going back and I imagine my friends will be taking their friends back to it too. I don't drink beer but the extensive list of wonderfully named Australian boutique beers made me want to order one just for the experience. The food, all vegetarian was wonderful, great desserts, and good prices....for a really good review with pictures prices 'n all go here.
The space has been well utilised, the interior design is fun but refined. The astro turfed walls in the 'alfresco' section and the stringed ceiling inside were great features. The front door is wide enough for a wheelchair to enter but there is one medium size step.
Photo by Lee Tran Lam of the above blog.

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