Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I had thought I was well planned, but no I missed a few KEY pieces in my preparation. My idea for an inclusion for sand casting was a screen printed piece of pre blown glass. I chatted to Kate who directed me towards ceramaglas and the idea that i would need 'low firing' enamels. Great Thanks Kate..good start. Screen printing stuff was ordered and after speaking to Ceramaglas so was some enamels and decal paper. I excitedly opened the package today to realise that they arrive as powders...hmmmm I need a fluid binder medium ..ooooooooooookaaaaay..where do I get that before thursday? of to Kate again..hurrah there is some and yes I can have some. Phew.
Once I'm home and making the screen I suddenly realise..I am using a decal(so I can wrap my design around a pre blown piece) so that means I have to immerse it in water first and the medium is WATER what? I don't know yet..plan C has not yet emerged..urk.

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