Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Object Theory

Our class this term in Studio theory (I call it Object theory which is our studio) is being given by Clare Bond.
The lesson started off by visiting "Young guns". The ceramics Triennale tout it as "an international survey exhibition of contemporary ceramics by recent graduates from tertiary institutions around the world" and it is being held at SCA, so for us it was a toddle down stairs and a stroll across the court yard. I had seen the flyer for it and had been put off by it but not realising that it was on campus. It's a wonderful selection of work and 'll be going back for another longer look.

Our task was to:
  • find 2 works that we thought were strong and meaningful.
  • Write a thorough description of both works and make a sketch of them.
  • Building on your description, discuss what you think the meaning of both works are.
Back in the class room we introduced our selves by the way of first names, studio and why we are attending SCA. Then we spoke about one of the pieces we had chosen with some class discussion after each piece which was very interesting and fun.

Module 1 by Bernd Weise
Experiment 14 by Justin Cooper

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