Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 8 of George Aslanis' casting course

We started our day of gallery and glass shop hopping quite close by at GAG Glass Artists' Gallery in Glebe. George pointed out pieces that were by students and colleagues of his at Monash. Glass Artists' Gallery is run by Maureen Cahill an integral figure in Australian glass.

In Newtown's second hand stores we tiptoed and squeezed through mazes of retro kitsch, orange lamps and sultry portraits of 1960's brunettes. Further along the road at the Turkish ceramics shop a few handpainted bowls and plates were purchased. A unanimous decision (and for a group of 9 that's quite unanimous) was made to indulge in Turkish coffee and some tea. Once ensconced in the traditionally bedecked cafe at the back of the shop Howie requested that the Hookah be "got going" (I'm not actually sure of the correct terminology for that request). So while travel tales were exchanged some of us experienced a cool apple tasting smoke. It was outside this shop that a fire engine traveling at non emergency speed knocked the mirror off Deb's car.

Singular button purchases were made at the Button shop before we left Newtown for Surryhills. First port of call was of course Sabbia gallery who have timed thier "Conversations" collection of ceramics to coincide with the Australian Ceramics Triennale. Some of our party were feeling faint from the lack of sustenance so a local cafe was preyed upon. Much fortified but with a loss of 3 members to the group we trooped around 2 homeware shops (one retro and one contemporary) with a quick foray in to Tessuti a gorgeous fabric shop.

On the way to the Sydney Antique Centre George pondered on the difference of Melbourne and Sydney collecting and pricing whilst enjoying reminising with Deb over 80's music (being played).

The antique center had a few Rene Lalique pieces (though not this one), and I admit to have never seen until now a Lalique work in the flesh.

George lead us to a section that was entirely glass and explained technique and context piece by piece.

Apart from the Lalique's and the other art glass I would have taken with me if I could a small boxed sundial.

That finished our field trip.

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