Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Concepts: Glass studio

I enjoyed this class, well once I had the time to breathe after it. Jane Gavan is an enervating teacher. Here is a link to a segment of collectors the ABC t.v program on her fluro pink collection.

The concepts we will be investigating in this class are: Object, Light, Colour, Sustainability, Haiku, Biomimicry and Material & process.
The class was asked to give word associations and meaning to these concepts. Some are more subjective than others.

Our next task was in the library to make 3 drawings of something in nature, with a specific detail in mind like structure or shape or purpose. Our drawings had to reveal this detail without labels.

It was a bit of a hurry but here are my three.

Back to our class room all the drawings where placed on the table and then sushi train style we passed them around writing on the back of the pictures what detail we thought our class mates where wanting us to notice. Jane then gathered up all the pictures, shuffled them and handed them out again making sure we did not receive our own. With this combination we were instructed to design a "fantasmagorical" like object with the idea that our drawing would be used as a trade sketch. I had a cactus and a tree to work with. The detail of the cactus was I think the spines. The tree was a tree..I think.

A some point we went to the lecture theatre to see a talk given by Janine Benyus from the Institute of biomimicry at a conference. I came across the Institute a few years ago when I was doing some research on sustainable buildings. There is of course a lot more to it than building and it is a fascinating field one that I am glad to be reinvestigating from a different side.

Here is my Tractus. Our next task was to get into pairs and act the parts of designer and fabricator with our sketches, which helped develop our drawings to be more understandable to a third party. Jane's next words were " Now for our next class I want you to make a model of this." oh really..

Also for next class we need to gather a "collection of lightness". 5 objects for each 5 categories of light.

I feel as though I have been for a run (yes I have actually)...exhausted but alive!

The model should be made of a minimum amount of different materials, uncoloured and as light on "heat beat treat" manufacture as possible.

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