Friday, July 31, 2009

Glass studio and technics

This semester is going to be another whirlwind, a wonderful but testing one though. Our glass department have really tried to give us the best they can offer in a creative way. Our classes have lengthened and nearly all our classes have three teachers with different expertise coming in and out for different parts.

Glass studio
This morning Andrew gave us our timetable and explained it. Homework is to research 3 glass artists who use sand casting, sand casting in general and to have a proposal for our cast piece ready.

Good websites for "How to sand cast"
Linda Fraser

Glass tech
Uri's artist talk was at 11am and and fascinating as all are. His experiments fusing stone and glass were very interesting. I love all the installation work as the philosophy behind it is fun and kind..the intent is to give someone an 'out of experience' experience on a random day. To my thought it's a bit like RAOK (Random acts of Kindness) but in a different form. Anyhow it resonates well with me... I enjoy it. So check out his webiste at Neptune glass works

Our Tech class was taken by Uri who showed us some very 'cool' flamework techniques. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it..must get back into it...must buy some borosilicate glass and start practicing. Great day! Great week!

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