Thursday, July 30, 2009

Glass blowing practice and Barnes

Time for a bit of practice in the hotshop. I had a plan to make my mum and dad a pair (in some regard) of tumblers for their wedding anniversary next week. I also tried to make a milk jug..the handle expresses in full our utter inexperience. My only saving grace is that it's in the place where the handle should be ... It has red spots which will look rather startling on milk..oh well.

Nadine made a thin tumbler / single flower vase, a christmas decoration icicle style using the small optic mould and we tried another jug..the handle went a little better though thanks to Marcus' comments we may get a better result next time. The Jug shape was very nice (Nadine is pretty good) but the bottom cracked as we knocked it off before annealing.

I paid a visit to Barnes "a world of casting at your fingertips" to buy some white modelling wax but the last small chunk (less than 5kg) had walked out the door only half an hour hence. SO perhaps I shall try a fine paper mache for my Tractus model.... hmmm.

Papier mache websites:
Papiermache uk

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