Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wireless worries and working in the cold room

At this stage it doesn't look as though i'll get the eee pc (linux) set up for wireless in time to present it as my visual diary..which this blog also manages to be.

In the cold room I tried out the cork belt on the linisher. Not sure I like the result as it left streaky marks on the previously shiny (ceriumed) glass. I re ceriumed it and possibly achieved a better result. May be I had the order wrong.

The large bubble I blew a while back is looking better. I polished the sandblasted pattern and I quite like the look of it. For next time I would sandblast it deeper so there would be a higher relief. Letting the nail varnish I used for the mask would also work better if left to dry for longer.
I only let it dry over night. 2 days and even the thick bits are hard.

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