Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Assessment day

After our assessments and time spent in the hot shop as the building was off limits unless you were being assessed.
Some of us assisted Trish with some blowing she was doing...though really assisted sounds more than it was.

We packed up and piled into Debs car off to the Red Lion for a celebratory drink.

We all went our separate ways, though for myself it was back to uni to do some bottle crushing for Nola's mosaic project. Sabrina is going to fuse a lot of it next week.

The second years were all putting up their own pieces for assessment. Very exciting, though no small amount of stress flowed through the air.

Hopefully we'll all be as good next year. Good luck you lot!

Dougie picked me and all my glass up at 4.30, we got home and I fell asleep.

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