Friday, June 19, 2009

In the cold room again, week 15

Well Today was spent yet again in the cold working room shared with Katie (all day) Kate, Llana and elective students every now and then.

"the Cube (bane of my life)" : fissured while being pumiced but is still whole & ceriumed.

"unidentified cast object" : hand lapped at 400 & 600. Wheel pumiced and ceriumed.

"various tumblers" : lathed with the cerium pad.

Dougie picked me up at 4.30 upon whence I demanded coffee and cake..which we had at Sappho's second hand book shop in Glebe. We then carried on to see if Hoyts at Broadway had something not too Awful..which turned out to be a movie version of the scifi novel "The land of the lost".
It was very veryvery silly.

Sashimi and plum wine after the film filled any gap there was after a half a small tub of popcorn.
Seriously it WAS the smallest they offer.

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