Monday, June 29, 2009

Do your research first!

Firstly, a morning of work at MDAA. To catch the Blue mountains train I scurried out of there and made the train by seconds the same with my connection. All this rushing was in aid of meeting up with Aleks (on time) on one of his "I'm coming to Sydney.....tomorrow and only spending 3 days there" trips.

Dougie, Aleks and I had lunch in a popular noodle joint next to Kinokuniya at TGV.
We filled each other I on our lives thus far. After a slight browse through the bookshop Aleks left to purchase some dancing shoes. Dougie and I continued our browsing and after a while caught the train home to find that a copy of "Waiting for Godot" was not amongst our book collection. Dougie would have to attend his literature class without one, a fact made more irritating by the fact we had been in a rather large book shop not a short time ago....alas.

Tomorrow we had planned to take a day trip to Canberra. Ostensibly to hand in my British passport renewal application. That done the rest of the day would be spent at the National Art Gallery and the Glassworks. I quickly reviewed my passport paperwork to find that I needed to reprint one page, so off to the British Embassy website....

Only to find out that practically days ago a new procedure had been put in place that allows applications to ONLY be processed through Australia Post outlets.... for a fee. The passport renewal fee has also been raised. All up it will cost $467.
OUCH. If I didn't need a 100 points of ID so much...

Next Dougie finds out that the glassworks is closed Monday and Tuesday.
It would have been a really annoying day had none of this information been revealed until tomorrow.

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