Thursday, June 4, 2009

Glass artists - casting glass

I have a short assignment to choose a glass artist who generally uses casting as thier form of expression. I thought as we were being given this "oh how easy..i'll do Tessa Clegg". I saw a piece of hers and instantly loved it...with some light research I found I only like SOME of her stuff. Not that likeing is a prerequisite but I feel as though IF i'm doing research I may as well like it..after all I'm doing this because I want to...i'm not getting paid to do this!

So after leafing through some current journals for interesting artists in the 'filed' (such a freudian slip there...does it count if typed? hmmm) FIELD of glass casting I have plumped for(an interesting saying one I will have to look up later) either Heike Brachlow or Rob Snyder.

A hard choice as to whom. What will tip me I think will be my idea of what the school teaching wishes, which of course has an artistic bias.

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