Friday, July 20, 2012


Surgery...well it felt like it. After having left the rubber to cure properly, I came back to it a few days later and sliced it down one side in a wavy pattern so it it more likely to lock together more. I used my scalpel, and having to prize apart the rubber with my fingers (which as you can see is red and rubbery) it felt rather gross. I also ordered 4 kilos of plastimake today to make my 'mother mould' with. The mother mould will keep the floppy rubbery bit firm and in shape. A lot of people use plaster or fibre glass. I have made one with plaster, but with this size it becomes very heavy and somewhat fragile with man handling. Fibreglass on the other hand is light and strong but isn't allowed in our studio because we aren't equipped safety wise. However yet another offhand comment from Marcus made me think...yeah WHY don't I make it out of plastimake? We shall see...

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