Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Messina, transcendent gelato

After the gallery opening, Dougie and I wandered (puffed and pushed actually up the steepness of Liverpool road) back up to Victoria road to grab something to eat before we went home. As we promenaded and peered at various eateries I noticed a disproportionate amount of people walking around eating ice cream. On a winters night 'an all! After dinner we found the source of all the ice cream..easy by the long long queue of people winding out of 'Gelato Messina'. Choosing was difficult with so many flavours with imaginative combinations (and the fact that the crowd obscured getting a good look at everything). To be quick I chose 'Apple Pie' and 'Coffee'. The apple pie was scrumptious, real pieces of crunchy pastry and sticky caramelized pieces of apple studded the creamy vanilla base while the coffee nearly knocked my socks off! There was more caffeine in that there gelato than 2-3 weeks of cappuccino consumption in one go.

I am impressed and will visit again. Read 'the incredible lightness of being hungry blog review'.

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