Monday, July 30, 2012

'Selkie' crochet beanie

Tonight I finished off a piece of crochet that has been hanging out in my handbag for a month or so. It started off as a play piece, messing around with my new favourite stitch 'Shell stitch'. I had an idea of a lacey-ish beret kind of beanie in these gorgeous sea colours with a scattering of sparkle on the crown. Since I wasn't following a pattern it got stitched and pulled back (is frogging, frogging in crochet too?) quite a few times. The last few weeks or so it has been totally ignored, what with the first draft of the paper due, installing at Stills, working in the studio etc... But I needed an evening to relax in (after the previous few days leading up to the first draft deadline) so I finished my Selkie Beret exactly as I wanted. Its even got the subtle sparkle with a scattering of sequins I bought in Singapore and some very tiny Maria George seed beads.
The other thing I was trying to make up my mind about was the picot stitch around the picot or not to picot? Eventually I realised I could have both!
Picot edging on one half, plain on the other

note the subtle sparkle...

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